100% Cotton 5-inch Inseam Athletic Shorts for Men: Clear Winner

Cotton shorts that are comfortable for training are hard to come by. The fitness industry is crowded by cheap, polyester, and tight-fitting clothing brands that are marked up to exorbitant prices. The AIMPACT shorts are personally worn by the Oasis team and are most similar to the shorts that popular influencers like ‘Liver King’ (Bryan Johnson) and ‘CarnivoreMD’ (Paul Saladino) are seen wearing in popular posts. They feature 100% cotton legs, a 5-inch inseam, deep pockets, and a drawstring.

Athletic shorts produced with natural materials are hard to find nowadays. Recent fashion trends show a high demand for cotton clothing for the following reasons: softer on the skin, promotes reproductive health, lesser impact on the environment, and is more durable.

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AIMPACT – Best Cotton Shorts for Training

AIMPACT Mens Workout Sweat Shorts 5 Inch Cotton Casual Fitness Running Shorts with Pockets

100% Cotton 5-inch Inseam Athletic Shorts for Men
100% Cotton 5-inch Inseam Athletic Shorts for Men

Our Review

These are our all-time favorite shorts. They are cut short enough to show off your legs but not so short that you look like a marathon runner. The pockets are deep enough to hold a phone, keys, earbuds, and a wallet. Even though they are 95% cotton, the synthetic spandex material is only used in the waistband. The waistband has held up well over time and despite there being functional drawstrings, we have never had to use them. The sizing is true to size and does not shrink. At $26 from Amazon, this is a slam-dunk.

What People Are Saying

My girlfriend and the neighbor lady say that they accentuate the package.

Bonafide Customer

Great above the knee short, I love these and have many. Cotton and comfy, not too thick, usable for gym, work and lounge.

W. Farmer

these shorts are literally my favorite shorts they fit perfectly and they’re soooo comfy



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