Steak is Unrivaled for Bodybuilders

Steak is considered one of the best foods for bodybuilding because it contains important macro and micro-nutrients. There are all sorts of cuts to choose from and will be based on your taste preferences and bodybuilding goals. There are countless ways it can be cooked, served, and prepared. Some like it rare, with a bed of rice. Others like it medium with a side of asparagus and potatoes. With steak being one of the best tasting foods, it is recommended that all add it to their diet.

Cuts of steak diagram on a cow. Knowing which cuts for each goal type is important for bodybuilders
Steak is Unrivaled for Bodybuilders 1

Cuts of Steak

There are many steak cuts to choose from. The cut you choose will depend on your bodybuilding goals and your taste preferences. Those looking to put on mass without regard to body fat will lean towards fattier cuts of steak. Fatty cuts of steak will ensure that your body has an ample amount of calories to fuel muscle growth and recovery. To cut weight, look for lean cuts to keep the calorie count down. Each cut of steak has a different flavor, texture, and fat profile that must be considered when formulating your diet. In the grocer, you will find all sorts of cuts to choose from. Here is a list of most fatty to least:

  1. Sirloin
  2. New York Strip
  3. Skirt
  4. Porterhouse/T-bone
  5. Filet Mignon
  6. Bottom Round
  7. Top Sirloin

Which Cut Should I choose?

The steak cut that is best for bodybuilding and bulking is the sirloin steak. This cut has a different flavor and texture than cuts like rib eye, filet mignon, and strip steak. All of these cuts come from different parts of the cow and have a different number of blood vessels in them, affecting their flavor and texture. The sirloin has fewer blood vessels in it, so it will cook faster and be more tender.

Steaks are priced depending on supply and demand. Sirloins are extremely high in demand because they are most desirable in taste and virtually dissolve in your mouth. On the other hand, top sirloin is priced much cheaper as it is less tender. In order to find the right steak for you, consider the fat content that fits your macros, then find a steak for your budget. This process can take some trial and error as there are so many options to choose from. Try different cooking techniques that will improve tenderness or consult with your local butcher on which cuts he recommends.

Nutritional Value

Did you know steak can contain up to 130 grams of protein in a pound? That is just one of its important benefits. Steak is also high in cholesterol, which your body needs for hormonal production. Many also cook their steaks in fats like ghee and butter. This can be beneficial because it provides you with an additional dose of saturated fat. This will keep you feeling satiated for a lengthier period of time relative to a steak cooked without any additional fat.

Regardless of which cut of steak you decide to eat, all of them contain important micronutrients that your body uses for everyday processes like creating DNA and red blood cells. Forget about a multivitamin! Eat a steak and get real food in your body that will supercharge your body for life.

Vitamins/minerals (micronutrients) in a steak can help keep you healthy long term
Steak is Unrivaled for Bodybuilders 2

Steak and most other meats contain creatine. Creatine can improve strength, stamina, and speeds up recovery after exercise. It is also useful for athletes that need moments of short bursts of energy. Whole foods such as steak are the best way to get this important amino acid derivative but a creatine supplement will also have a similar benefit. For best results, your muscles need to be saturated with creatine. Eat creatine foods every day or take a supplement.

How to Cook a Steak

As for cooking, steak is quick and easy. Place it in the oven for about eight-ten minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or place it on a grill for about five minutes on each side with the heat set to medium-high. When it is done cooking the steak will look like it has shrunk.

Some meat-eaters prefer their steaks to be cooked on the more rare side in an effort to retain micronutrients and flavor. As long as the outer edges are slightly cooked, any possibility of bacteria being on your food is greatly diminished especially if it was well-sourced. This is because salmonella cannot burrow its way into steaks as well as it can in chicken. Chicken also runs a much higher risk, to begin with, because of how it is processed.

Doneness levels of a steak
Steak is Unrivaled for Bodybuilders 3

Steak is a great food for bodybuilders because it helps them recover and repair muscle after a strenuous workout. It doesn’t matter if you eat it with vegetables, rice, milk, or even have it as the only thing on your plate. Steak will help your muscles grow and make you feel full.

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